Rapid prototyping experiments – step 1

  Rapid prototyping experiments – step 1 – laser scanning  In collaboration with MeLa Media Lab, CIRCE – Laboratorio di fotogrammetria and Villari s.r.l. This collaboration (in experimental testing) between Villari and the IUAV University (Venice, Italy), aims to introduce the rapid prototyping techniques in the manufacturer art of porcelain. The target is to preserve history and … Read moreRapid prototyping experiments – step 1

MAXXI Exhibition: L’Italia di Le Corbusier

18 October 2012 – 17 February 2013 MAXXI Architecture Gallery 1 curated by Marida Talamona website > The project [HAVEN-LC] Le Corbusier in Venice created by MeLa.research is part of the exhibition! The [HVEN-LC] project >

[ HVEN-LC ] Le Corbusier in Venice

Le Corbusier in Venice

  Project Virtual exhibition for on-line consultation of  Le Corbusier’s drawings for Venice’s new Hospital (1962),  filed away in Iuav university’s Projects Archive. General Principles • Survey on the virtual exhibition’s potentials related to a collection of architectural drawings. • Necessity to find new ways to access a vast Graphic heritage filed away in museums, archives … Read more[ HVEN-LC ] Le Corbusier in Venice

[ VR ] Museo di Castelvecchio


The Monument as a Form of Vision Project Research project aimed at creating a video that can be used in the Castelvecchio museum complex, with the aim of giving a voice to art through the study of fear and terror generated by a different way of looking at reality. Possible uses • Creation of paths … Read more[ VR ] Museo di Castelvecchio

[ MIC ] My Ideal City

My Ideal City

video > Project Research project aimed at creating an information system in the form of video game and financed by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, involving: Tridentine Museum of Natural Science, Museum Ciencia Viva in Lisbon, Copenhagen Experimentarium, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, Iuav University of Venice, MeLa Media Lab. General principles • Representation of … Read more[ MIC ] My Ideal City

[ VR ] Museo di Castelvecchio

3d model of castelvecchio

The Explorable Model of Castelvecchio Project Agreement between the City of Verona – Department of Art Museums and Monuments and Iuav University of Venice – Mela Media Lab. Implementation of a digital model of the museum of Castelvecchio compatible with all major digital modeling programs. Contents • Design, three-dimensional verification and simulation of arrangements. • … Read more[ VR ] Museo di Castelvecchio