Palazzo della Ragione di Padova

[ MA ] Astrology’s Temple

Palazzo della Ragione di Padova

Palazzo della Ragione di Padova


Web interface executed for the exhibition Galileo. Images of the universe from ancient times to the telescope, at the Palazzo Strozzi and at the Segunda Bienal de Canarias, Arquitectura, Arte y Paisaye, having as subject Palazzo della Ragione in Padua and Giovanni Dondi’s Astrario, astronomical clock, which reproduces the planets’ orbits.

General principles

• Make it understandable to a non-expert public, objects characterized by an extreme thematic and figurative richness.

• Reallocate items, characterized by a stratified series of heterogeneous information in the context that produced them.

• Using overlay and translucency digital models, of the Ptolemaic sky and medieval astrological treaties.

• Cross dynamically the layers and the representation scale, proposing a synthetic and synchronic reading of an object of such a complexity.

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