MeLa internship – Fabio De Benetti

MeLa internship – Fabio De Benetti


tomba Brion Carlo Scarpa 01

MeLa Media Lab internship

A virtual exhibition of Brion-Vega cemetery by Carlo Scarpa

Student: Fabio De Benetti

The work on the representation of the architectural artefact by Carlo Scarpa allows an active observation of the site. This virtual scene of the cemetery is an outcome of a careful photographic survey and modeling. The goal is to give the opportunity to receive from Scarpa’s work the best and the unknown to a careless eye. Many sensations and visual focuses are invisible if you don’t pay attention when you stand in front of it. Every single line and every surface has a relationship with the whole and the research of a technique of representation enlight this relationship and these little details. The walls cover, but never hide what’s behind them. A continuous line touches the isolated elements, making them a single thing. The main character is the complexity of the border, which is strongly highlighted.



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