Tales from MeLa Media Lab – Open Innovation Day Meteor

Tales from MeLa Media Lab – Open Innovation Day Meteor



Meteor – Open Innovation Day

promote and realized by Meteor and KaiZen Institute

in collaboration with: MeLa Media Lab


Following the KaiZen process

1) network

2) observe

3) standard work

4) try storm

5) implement



– 8 hours

– 23 guests

– 4 teams

– 5 companies


Best prototype (Blue team wins! ;)

– increased loaded quantity +30%

– no tape needed

– no cutter needed

– fully stackable pallets

– new design

– poke yoke assembly the pallet


Thanks to

Claudio Albertini

Loris Bogo

Stefano Benfatto

Mauro Baseotto

Valentina Covre

Luciano Comacchio

Gabriele Casagrande

Gian Angelo Cescon

Jasmin Campardo

Jury De Col

Riccardo Derton

Diana Dell’Oglio

Fabio Dell’Oglio

Gino Dal Cin

Stefano Franchin

Nicola Frascati

Davide Fiorentini

Emanuele Govetto

Stefano Livoti

Luca Nardello

Fabrizio Paolin

Irene Ranzato

Davide Scomparin

Giuseppe Scapin

Alberto Zurlo






(realized by Davide Scomparin for MeLa.factory)