3d model of castelvecchio

[ VR ] Museo di Castelvecchio

3d model of castelvecchio

The Explorable Model of Castelvecchio


Agreement between the City of Verona – Department of Art Museums and Monuments and Iuav University of Venice – Mela Media Lab. Implementation of a digital model of the museum of Castelvecchio compatible with all major digital modeling programs.


• Design, three-dimensional verification and simulation of arrangements.

• Base for the production of educational and interpretative tools available to scholars, teachers and students of different disciplines.

• Base for the production of videos and animations that integrates simulation and live action, models or linked panoramas explored in the network.

• Overlay and survey comparison tool, the materials’ archival and the corpus of Carlo Scarpa drawings.

• Exploring the layers of history and relations with the whole context and the urban identity itself.

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